You Don't Have To Settle...Let's Make Your Dream Real Together:

Your Dream of Meaningful, Satisfying and Lucrative Work, Right Alongside And Intertwined With Your Dream of Great Romantic Love...

Ways To Work With Me Privately:

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1. One-time 90 minute phone/Zoom session or consultation:

Cost: $1795

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2. The "Get It Done And Still Feel Like A Girl" Program:

Includes: 8 private, 90-minute phone or video Zoom sessions with me, PLUS the complete written, video and audio materials for BOTH my "Business Siren-BIZ" and new "Love Forever In 12 Weeks" programs!

DETAILS of what's included in the "Get It Done And Still Feel Like A Girl" Program:

Everything about your work and entrepreneurial or sales-oriented business -

From Administration: how you work, how you hire and fire, who does what...To:

...Online marketing - this is the Client/Customer Funnel that we'll apply in many new, high-tech AND classic, low-tech ways.

...Creating programs and products to sell for passive income..

...And most importantly - Building your email subscriber list the way YOU want to.  AND:

Everything about your love life, your relationships with everyone around you (friends, lovers, husbands, children, parents, extended family, co-workers, boss, business partners...everyone).

The "Get It Done And Still Feel Like A Girl" Private Coaching Package is a hugely expanded version of my signature Business Siren-BIZ program - PLUS my new Love Forever In 12 Weeks program.

You'll Get:


>> COMPLETE ACCESS to the BIZ materials and assignments AND Love Forever In 12 Weeks materials - PLUS

>> 90 MINUTES OF PERSONAL COACHING with me by phone or video Zoom for 8 scheduled sessions...AND

>> TOTAL, highly responsive email access to me.

Cost: $14,777.00

If you have questions about how I and my amazing team of Master Coach Teachers might help your dreams quickly become real for you - please let me know here: 

You Don't Have To Settle...I look forward to meeting you, hearing your dream and helping you make it real. Love, Rori