You Don't Have To Settle...Let's Make Your Dream Real Together:

Your Dream of Meaningful, Satisfying and Lucrative Work, Right Alongside And Intertwined With Your Dream of Great Romantic Love...

Ways To Work With Me Privately:

cropped-rori-cute-red-sweater.jpg1. One-time 90 minute phone/Zoom session or consultation:

Cost: $795 

To make it as fast and easy as possible for you to work with me in a private phone or video Zoom session, all you have to do is:

1. Click on the day and time you want (all times are Central Time - CT - so if you need help with any time difference, go here for time zones-->> then...(more instructions below the form...)

2. Fill in your name and other contact information in the fields provided. Then...

3. As soon as you click the "Continue" button, you'll be taken to a page with a form for you to fill out. (This way I can know more about you and your situation before we talk) - and a "Disclaimer" for you to read and "agree" to. Then...

4. Click the Paypal button at the bottom. You'll be taken to Paypal to complete your private booking.

5. You'll receive a confirmation by email, with all the information you need to call me for your session.

Optimized-0608263003(1)2. The "Get It Done And Still Feel Like A Girl" Program:

Includes: 8 private phone or video Skype sessions with me, PLUS the complete written, video and audio materials for BOTH my "Business Siren-BIZ" and new "Love Forever In 12 Weeks" programs!



...of what's included in the "Get It Done And Still Feel Like A Girl" Program:

Everything about your work and entrepreneurial or sales-oriented business -

From Administration: how you work, how you hire and fire, who does what...To:

...Online marketing - this is the Client/Customer Funnel that we'll apply in many new, high-tech AND classic, low-tech ways.

...Creating programs and products to sell for passive income..

...And most importantly - Building your email subscriber list the way YOU want to.  AND:

Everything about your love life, your relationships with everyone around you (friends, lovers, husbands, children, parents, extended family, co-workers, boss, business partners, donors...everyone).

IMG_0882croppedThe "Get It Done And Still Feel Like A Girl" Private Coaching Package is a hugely expanded version of my signature Business Siren-BIZ program - PLUS my new Love Forever In 12 Weeks program.

You'll Get:

>> COMPLETE ACCESS to the BIZ materials and assignments AND Love Forever In 12 Weeks materials - PLUS

>> 90 MINUTES OF PERSONAL COACHING with me by phone or video Zoom for 8 scheduled sessions...AND

>> TOTAL, highly responsive email access to me.

Cost: $6400.00

If there are no spaces available in the scheduler above, Melanie, my assistant, will personally set us up! To schedule a stand-alone private phone or video Zoom session with me - or to jump right to "coming under my wing" as my personal client in the "Get it Done And Still Feel Like A Girl" package - let me know here:

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You Don't Have To Settle...I look forward to meeting you, hearing your dream and helping you make it real. Love, Rori