The 5 Abilities Of A

Feminine Energy Entrepreneur

5 qualities you probably NEVER thought were important, that will make all the difference for you between feeling successful and feeling stuck...

Rori Raye Business Siren (3)

We've all been told "how to" do business.

"How to" make money.

"How to" "get things done."

The problem for every one of us women, though, is that all of these ideas, rules, procedures, systems are all designed for people who want to live in and work in their masculine energy.

If we women do this kind of masculine energy "thing" often enough, day-in-and-day-out, in our heads at night, in our heads when we wake up, with routines and processes all designed to bring "order" to our "unruly" thoughts - we begin to lose our feeling for the feminine life we were born to.

And what this creates is the perfect environment for a life without romance.

It's incredibly easy for us to just "keep going" without the thrills that another human being - who's in love with us from the top of his head to the tip of his toes - brings to our daily existence.

To keep going without the ecstatic joy of "just being" that's our birthright as women.

And - believe it or not - "keeping going without romance" hamstrings us in doing the work of our work.


Whether we're entrepreneurs running our own businesses, or saleswomen, managers, officers offering products from someone else's businesses - we can feel bound to an "order" without having the experience of actually feeling the passion of the creation of anything we "do."

Not the letters we send, not the images we design, not the presentations we make, the problems we solve or the directives we issue.

Always coming from your feminine is the Primary Business Siren Protocol.

Not just when you're sitting across from a man at the dinner table, but when you're sitting across from a man at the boardroom table.

IMG_0725_finalAnd we need to learn to feel, elevate, expand and exhibit our power in completely new ways - ways that are NOT modeled on how "men do it."

These 5 Abilities will give you an idea of the unusual way a Business Siren looks at things.

Please let me know how it opens the door for you to a new way of approaching "tasks" - from your feminine, original, organic, chaotic and inspirational self - that allows you to have great success in getting things done for your work life, and sets the atmosphere for you to have an epic love life right alongside.

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I look forward to hearing from you, and knowing how the Business Siren Protocols, Anchors and Abilities help you with your work life and your love life, too...Love, Rori