You Don't Have To Settle.

...and you don't have to choose between

business success and love...

Because You Are The Original Siren...

You already ARE the complete embodiment of pure, raw, incredibly powerful Feminine Energy...

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*Why you can't "work" like a man without sacrificing your feminine heart - yet you can surpass any man at work with the power of your feminine DESIRE - and STILL captivate him romantically...

*How you can play in your "Girl" energy ALL the time - led 100% of the time by your DESIRE - and STILL climb the "success ladder"

You can have what you want: love, romance, relationship, meaningful work - and money, too...


If you're at all like I was - you may be thinking about "just accepting" a "decent" work life and a "whatever" love life.

Or, even worse, enduring a constant struggle trying to choose between them.

Trying to decide which one - business success or love - is more important to you. And then feeling like you have to choose which one to "work harder" on.

What I learned - the hard, trial-and-error way - is that:

You can feel like a woman AND like a mover-and-shaker - all at the same time.

You can do "nothing" whenever you desire, and "fly into action" whenever you desire - without ever leaving your feminine self...

Because all your power, allure, smarts, instincts, intuition, action - everything is sourced by your desire. Your WANT.

And this is because you ARE The Original Siren.

There is nothing between you and the ultimate evolution of everything. Your DESIRE is the key to what moves the universe.

Once I discovered this – it was like the whole world opened up to me.

I realized how deeply and painfully I’d been hiding my talents, my skills, my nerdiness, my ambition, my brains and my desires for acknowledgment of my work.

I’d been totally denying my “wants” for financial security and a feeling of accomplishment – thinking all of that “success” would make me completely undesirable as a woman.


The most amazing part of all these “aha” moments was “getting” where all these ideas and beliefs I was stewing in came from.

A Business Siren Gets To Have What She WANTS...

So - If you're turning down your wattage in hopes you won't "intimidate" anyone - especially a man you like or love - you don't have to do that anymore...

The reason why I'd been hiding my “light” and “accomplishments” was that, my whole life, I’d focused ONLY on my accomplishments!

I’d believed that those things I did were the only things I’d ever be “loved” for!

And then I looked my husband square in the face, looked myself square in the mirror – and realized I’d been making all this up.

I’d made up that my husband wanted me to be “unaccomplished."

I realized, in a brutal flash, that he loved me (and still does) in a way I couldn't even understand.

So - I couldn't feel it.


When I got that being in my feminine energy didn’t mean I had to “deny” the “boy” parts of me…

...when I first got a glimmer of how my feminine energy could create “boy action” in an amazingly effortless way... I was stunned.

My “Type A,” “workaholic nature” just faded.

I stopped apologizing to myself for wanting to create, and suddenly became startlingly more creative. 

Suddenly I was "producing" more, seeing more "get done" - and with practically NO stress!

I finally realized that if I allowed my feminine energy to run the show – things would "get done"!

I started to trust myself.

And now, you can quickly learn to trust yourself - and to have all the parts of your life working the way you want...

Being a woman isn’t supposed to hold you back from everything you want.

I know it sometimes “looks” that way.

As if no “woman” is supposed to “Have It All.”

As if we can’t be super successful in business and still be truly loved by a man…

AND…That’s just a lie we’ve been told and sold our whole lives…

The Truth is, when we empower ourselves, we not only empower ALL women everywhere – we FREE men!

We free men to "hear" us in the workplace, and – at the same time – to support us and LOVE us at home.

When you download "You Are The Original Siren - The 3 Desires," you'll also receive my free newsletters filled with tips, advice and Tools, to help you follow your Desires and get what you want...!

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Here’s How To Get What You WANT...

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Being a Business Siren lets you see all sides of everything.

As a Siren, you feel incredible power in everything you touch, see, do, experience.


If You’re Enduring The Pain Of The Myth That A Man Wants A Woman Who “Plays Small…”

…and find yourself “turning down” your wattage whenever you’re around a man you like – “hiding your light under a barrel” and trying to “do” girl when you don’t really feel like it…

You don’t have to do that anymore!

A Business Siren gets to do everything she wants out in the world – and STILL get her man…

For All Of Us Women – Feeling independent, successful and happy in our work is crucial to making our romantic relationship with a man work.

I look forward to working with you.

Love, Rori

If working personally with me feels right to you, let me know!


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