You Already Know What's Important

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You know, as an entrepreneur - a coach, a healer, a strategic consultant, a salesperson, a manager, an executive in ANY field - the absolute truth of this:

What You SAY - Matters.

How you SAY what you want to say matters, yes...

But even more important - actually, literally crucial - is that what you say, and what you do comes from YOU.

Not from anyone else, or anyone else's idea of what you SHOULD say.

This is all about Feminine Energy, how what you say and do comes from you through your Feminine Energy, and how everything you say and do is simply an expression of who you are, what you want, and how you feel.

This applies to what you say to prospective clients, to existing clients sitting in your office chair, laying on your table, or working on the phone with you, what you say at meetings and speeches, and what you say to the world on the web.

To me, this is what "Feminine Energy Business Empowerment" is all about:

Putting Words And Actions To Your Passionate Feelings...

It's SO easy to "talk" about "passion..."

How to "do what you love and feel passionate about," how to "find your passion," and "express your passion..."

It's easy to say.

Actually FEELING passion is something completely different.

If what you ARE feeling is a "gap" somewhere - as if something is "missing" or "out of place..."

If you've been "seeking" that "passion" -

Try this:

Passion isn't something you "find."

It's not something you "look for."

It's something you already HAVE, and the missing piece is that we're not feeling it.

We're "not feeling it" NOT because we don't know what we're passionate about!

Actually - we know absolutely what we think, what we want - we just deny it all on such basic levels that we cut ourselves off from our passion.

It's as though that passionate "energy" doesn't even exist for us - so we go "looking."


When you come to Business Siren - BIZ, you have me, and a whole team of Master Teachers helping you "get" the pulse of your OWN passion. So you can FEEL it...

IMG_0577croppedblurFrom the moment you can feel your passion, we help you "turn it real."

You'll start to feel your passion take shape into something "concrete" you can SEE.

It'll start to feel real, purposeful, useful - important.

Now, we help you remove whatever block has been keeping you from CONNECTING with that passion that's already yours.

Next, we build on that connection to your passion - basically "Building Passion" - so that your business quickly takes shape, comes alive incredibly fast, and all the tech, systems, words and actions just FLOW from there.

Once you know what you're doing - and WHY you're doing it - it all get's easy.

It's my job to help you believe that the glimmer of "interest" you feel IS where your passion is - and that the roadblocks now appearing to stand in your way of fulfilling that passion are just temporary, insubstantial, and will be quickly and permanently swept away by a tide of knowledge, skills, and hands-on practice building Passion.

This is what you get in BIZ - support, skills, knowledge and practice "Passion Building" - and from there, we help you create work and business in a way so powerful it erases doubt.

You Can Do This In 8 Weeks, Because...

IMG_0595-800We sit beside you.

In BIZ, you'll have me and the entire BIZ training staff working with you, walking with you, sharing how we've all passed through the roadblocks and found ourselves at the place clearly marked "success" and "fun" and "satisfaction."

BIZ is intense. You'll feel triggered and pushed - and totally supported.

For a Business Siren, learning to put your value, your ideas, your help for the human race into words and actions, marketing and promotion, communicating close up or via internet (no matter HOW you deliver your words - in writing, on video or audio) - is something you can only learn by "Doing With Feedback."

By "Doing With Feedback," I mean that you need someone reading and listening to what you're saying - and helping you say it better and get it OUT there better.

BIZ works because I'm not about simply "teaching" you "How" to "Do Business" in "lectures" and "materials" and then letting you go fend for yourself out there.

BIZ is hands-on.

I and my five brilliant Master Coach Teachers work with YOU. One-on-one, in the BIZ group setting.

This way - you have us working with you personally, and you also have the Mastermind of the BIZ Sisterhood to support you through the "tech," the "Systems" and the "Structure" that will allow the Soul of your work to shine through in everything you write, everything you do to let people know you're here for them.

I Know You Can Do This In Eight Weeks Because Of The Success Stories Of So Many RRCTers and BIZers Who've Done It:

Though I've been training coaches in my Rori Raye methods for three years now - the single most powerful moment for all RRCTers and BIZers is when their online marketing "Funnel" comes alive!

ALL RRCTers in the history of RRCT have begun RRCT and BIZ Training without any kind of marketing funnel in place - and ALL, every single one, have left RRCT and BIZ with a completely functioning, client and customer activating and capturing "Marketing Funnel" - including a website and full-one "Relationship Marketing".

A very few, beginning in 2021, have come into RRCT with a strong social media presence, and yet no "Funnel" to charge fees for anything, and no "Framework" of classes, coaching packages, or digital courses to compete their business - and no functioning website or even web pages.

And - eight weeks later, they all had unique, functioning websites with COMPLETE "Client and Customer Marketing Funnel"!

In eight weeks.

It's awesome and amazing - and we do it in a hands-on, totally supported and individual way that's fueled by inspiration and organic motivation - nearly stress-free.

I invite you to write me personally, and I'll send you a list of all the new coaches and their websites - so you can see for yourself what you can accomplish in eight weeks.

BIZ is now available for 2023 - and you can begin any time you like...

It would feel incredibly inspiring to empower you to bypass completely the "standard marketing" that none of us have interest in or the stomach for.

And to quickly and easily change the scope of your business in an intense and effective eight weeks.

How You Say What You Say Is Key

Systems, Structure And Soul

Here's what makes the difference between: "okay" - and "sensational":

It's the difference between: "I wrote that page" - and "Everyone who needs what I'm offering feels COMPELLED to READ that page."

Some of the "Hows" about how to "construct" your message are about Systems and Structure - some are about simply allowing your Soul run your "show."

Some of what you need to know is technical and mechanical, and most of it is about what you do when you get up in the morning and how you say what you want to say USING your technical, systemic, mechanical, structural know-hows.

The one part of creating a business you can't get out-of-a-box or online one-size-fits-all program is...YOU

What you get in "BIZ" isn't just "The Basics" broken down in a methodical way (though, by getting those Systems and Structures down in BIZ - you'll see a whole array of "light bulbs" flashing in your head and all around you...) - but the Tools of the PROCESS.

So you can do it yourself at will.

In class and weekly "Clinics" with Business Siren Master Coach Teachers - you'll be HEARD.

Your dreams will come through loud and clear to us.

You'll be helped, guided, informed - hands-on - to craft your dream for your clients, customers and the world into a MESSAGE. A message you can present publicly in all kinds of ways, without ever feeling like you're "selling."

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If you know, deep down...


...that underneath all the training we women get day in and day out to keep us doubting have something to offer the world - BIZ will help you get it "out there."

...and if you're finding that, perhaps because you're not creating the great "stir" out in the world you'd hoped, you're starting to doubt your message and the worth of your offering - Business Siren BIZ can help you get your "mojo" back in weeks.

This is why "Business Siren - BIZ" has grown out of RRCT Coach Training, and why I and my Business Siren team is now available to you.

If you'd like to know how I got where I am, who my mentors and partners were and are, how I know what I know and can teach it to you...use the "Contact Form" below and my assistant, Melanie, will get us together personally.

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Here's The Breakdown Of What You'll Get In Business Siren - BIZ:

You'll Have A Complete Client/Customer "Funnel":

1. We'll "Bubble Chart" your thoughts, ideas, dreams and focus them in an organized hierarchy that creates a catchy, 7-10 point, brand-like message that people will notice and HEAR.

2. The Bubble Chart will help us create a thematic NAME, a tagline, a subtitle, and many "Headings" for your "brand" and website.

3. We'll help you create a "freebie" program and Live Presentation around that Bubble Chart - a blueprint for you to use for interviews, speeches, videos, and in writing.

4. You'll Learn "Systems, Structure And Soul" - to learn to write with an undeniably compelling style, from your heart and soul - and with the structure required to create resonance and get your readers onboard with you right away.

Client-Funnel narrow

Your Website Will Be Fully Functioning And Convert Visitors To Subscribers And Clients:
Levine_Proofs_081cropped1. You'll learn the "Systems, Structure and Soul" you'll need to get your web presence FUNCTIONAL - so your "Client Funnel" works.

2. You'll get traffic coming to your site, get visitors to STAY on your site, and CONVERT them to SUBSCRIBERS.

3. You'll learn to write "sales copy." The importance of this cannot be understated. Though I'll provide you with templates and procedurals, you'll need to know HOW to communicate with everyone out there in web-land who wants what you've got - in a meaningful, attractive and compelling way. And this is what you'll learn to do.

4. You'll be pushed early on by me to get your "tech" together. Even if you don't feel remotely "techy," I and the Master Coach Teachers of BIZ - Naomie Thompson, Michelle Manley, Mariah Grey and Lylian Toscano - will help you (hands-on!) to harness and have fun with your instinctive, natural Feminine Energy skills, and easily create "stuff" you may never have thought you could!

Structure And SoulI and the Business Siren Master Coach Trainers will be helping you every step of the way - with Systems and tech, Structure and words, and getting your Soul to shine through everything you put out to the world!

Business Siren - BIZ Live Class Experience:

Imagine loveMaster Coach Teachers will work with you one-on-one by video Zoom during live classes every week of the eight weeks of BIZ - and your Master Coach Trainers and I continue to work with you throughout the week on google docs and email. We also hands-on help you with website, email delivery service, payment collection and linking it all together!

The Cost:

Essentially, you're being privately coached throughout BIZ.

Because we're now so organized and experienced after 6 years of RRCT- and the materials are already available on video, audio, and written in the BIZ Manual - Business Siren - BIZ can be cost effective and affordable for you at $3500 for eight intense weeks of business development.

Where You'll Be By The End Of Business Siren - BIZ:

Optimized-0608263003(1)* Your website will be functional and traffic-getting,

* Your writing (including sales copy, blog posts, autoresponders, articles) will be compelling,

* Your photos will be attractive and convert visitors to subscribers,

* Your "free offer" will be meaningful and draw people in,

* You'll know your next steps for promotion and marketing, and...

* You'll be ready to create an advanced product to sell.

I look forward to hearing from you, working with you - and making you a superstar in your field!

Because I personally work with you in BIZ, to contact me about joining Business Siren - BIZ, or to discuss how it would work for your unique situation, write me here:

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