You already  know what's important to you...

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Whether you've just realized...

... you have a dream of creating a business for yourself out of what you ALREADY know - and yet, have no idea how to start making that real...

...or whether you're already an entrepreneur, a coach, a healer, a strategic consultant, a woman with a retail business selling products you love - you already know the absolute truth of this:

Starting ANYTHING that involves an emotional commitment, an investment of time and money, and requires bringing in an income - from "scratch" - can make you feel excited and upbeat one minute...and completely overwhelmed the next.

Once you've made an investment of time and money, if nothing amazing has happened - it's incredibly easy to give up.

Once you've actually got a product, a program, and someway to sell those to the public - all of a sudden it can feel like you've created a circus and have no idea how to get anyone in the door.

Marketing "big boys and girls" describe all this as "program creation," "Funnel," and "Driving Traffic."

There are so many programs out there to buy that teach you how to do these things -and trying to learn in a Do-It-Yourself way opens you up to reacting to every step you take or don't take.


Top that off with every "big boy and girl" out there having different strategies and ideas (plus looking so terrific on the web that you can only imagine how much it cost them to get all those graphics, materials and beautiful websites and feel defeated before you even start...), and you've got a recipe for confusion.

Once confused, you would now be "ripe for the picking" - where you'll pay any amount of money for someone with powerful sales copy and promises to bail you out and get you going.

So - why should you choose Rori Raye BIZ Training to get yourself back on track (or - better - to get a terrific START from scratch!) instead of anyone or anything else?

Here's Why you want to be in BIZ with Rori Raye and her Master Coach Teachers and editors:

1...In BIZ, you'll not only have detailed, step-by-step instructions in downloadable materials - you'll be TRAINED, LIVE and personally, up to 4 classes per week, by email direct with Rori Raye herself, and through Goggle docs with Rori, BIZ Master Coach Teachers and Editors.

You will NEVER be "on your own."

Every step you take, every idea you have will be run by Rori and Master Coach Teachers, personally, before you invest one more minute in ANYTHING.

2...Everything you learn will be taught to you - hands-on - on a REAL piece of your puzzle.

You'll learn HOW a website works, how a Funnel works, how things are linked, how and why you want to send a potential client/customer to a particular place on your website or social media - and you'll learn it ON a website, ON an email delivery software, ON a Scheduler - so that you actually END UP WITH a website, email delivery, free offer, totally connected "Funnel" - and perhaps even a program webinar - all the "Traffic" generation tools you're going to need to understand.

From Rori: It's my absolute, unshakable belief that before you spend ONE cent hiring anyone to do your website, social media, advertising, graphics, "Client/Customer Funnel," virtual assistant needs - ANYTHING - that you have to know HOW all these different "tech" pieces of YOUR puzzle work- FIRST!

The fastest way to get thrown off course and confused is to hire people to do things you do not know how to do. They will nearly always let you down - and recovering from a big let down is WAY harder than learning to do-it-yourself in the first place.

rori backyard

3. And the most important piece of all this, and why you want to hire Rori Raye and BIZ to get you started: Once you experience how "masculine" everything you're told to do out there by anyone, man or woman, feels to you (no matter how much they talk about feminine energy) - you will totally feel "got" by how Rori gets so much done without ever leaving her feminine energy.

Since 2003, Rori Raye has been universally considered to be the beginning of the feminine energy story in love and relationship with her Modern Siren methods and Tools, and that's why you want to learn how to do everything you need to do to be successful from Rori herself.

The Business Siren Method is designed to help you, every step of the way, to find your OWN way of doing things!

Rori Raye and BIZ Teaches You How to ALLOW Your Life - ALL Pieces Of Your Life, Both In Business AND In Romance - To Be Led By Your Feminine Passion.

And that means learning to put words and actions to your passionate feelings organically - from your feminine gut.

Business Siren - BIZ is a personal mentoring program that can begin whenever you're ready, and allows you to go at your own, unique, organic, feminine pace.

Rori Raye will be working with you, personally, every step of the way.

If you'd like to get started working with Rori Raye, BIZ Master Coach Teachers and Editors, just go here now:

If you'd like to talk with Rori or a BIZ Master Coach Teacher to get your questions answered, just write to Rori here:

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It's SO easy to talk about "passion..."

How to "do what you love and feel passionate about," howIMG_0321narrow to "find your passion," and "express your passion..."

It's easy to say.

Actually feeling passion is something completely different.

If what you're feeling now is a "gap" somewhere - as if something is "missing" or "out of place..."

If you've been "seeking" that "passion" -

Try this:

Passion isn't something you "find."

It's not something you "look for."

It's something you already HAVE, and the missing piece is that we're not feeling it.

We're "not feeling it" NOT because we don't know what we're passionate about!

Actually - we know absolutely what we think, what we want - we just deny it all on such basic levels that we cut ourselves off from our passion.

It's as though that passionate "energy" doesn't even exist for us - so we go "looking."

In just the first week of Business Siren - BIZ, you'll suddenly find yourself being able to put your own finger on the pulse of your own passion. So you can feel it.


Then, you'll find yourself nearly effortlessly "moving through" whatever's been blocking you from connecting with that passion that's already yours - and simply connect with your natural gifts, passions, and unique way of working as a businesswoman.

Using your instinctive feminine gut reactions, everything you've already known in life up to now, and the step-by-step, fun Business Siren Protocols with hands-on, personal help from me and all the Master Teachers on the BIZ team...

...You'll find yourself building on that connection to your passion - basically "Building Passion" - so that your business quickly takes shape, comes alive incredibly fast, and all the tech, systems, words and actions just FLOW from there.

Once you know what you're doing - and WHY you're doing it - it all get's easy.

That glimmer of "interest" you feel IS where your passion is - and whatever roadblocks you're now feeling standing in your way of fulfilling that passion are just temporary, insubstantial, and will be quickly and permanently swept away by a tide of knowledge, skills, and hands-on practice building Passion.

This is what you get in BIZ - support, skills, knowledge and practice "Passion Building" - and from there, we help you create work and business in a way so powerful it erases doubt.

In BIZ, you'll have me and the entire BIZ training staff beside you, walking with you, sharing how we've all passed through the roadblocks and found ourselves at the place clearly marked "success," "fun" and "satisfaction."

You can do this.

For a Business Siren, learning to put your value, your ideas, your help for the human race into words and actions, marketing and promotion, communicating close up or via internet (no matter HOW you deliver your words - in writing, on video or audio) - is something you can only learn by "Doing With Feedback."

By "Doing With Feedback," I mean that you need someone reading and listening to what you're saying - and helping you say it better and get it OUT there better.

Because, in Business Siren programs, I'm not about simply teaching you "How" to "Do Business" in "lectures" and "materials" and then letting you go to fend for yourself out there -

rori greenIf you'd like to talk with me personally, to get clarity on BIZ and how it can work for you, fast, let me know.

We can meet over video Zoom or Skype, get to know each other, and discover whether or not we're a good match to get you where your dream wants to take you.

Contact me here, and Melanie will set us up with a time to talk together!

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Here's what makes the difference between "okay" - and "sensational":

Levine_Proofs_081croppedIt's the difference between: "I wrote that page" - and "Everyone who needs what I'm offering feels COMPELLED to READ that page."

Some of the "Hows" are about Systems and Structure - some are about letting your Soul run your show.

Some of what you need to know is technical and mechanical, and most of it is about what you do when you get up in the morning and how you say what you want to say USING your technical, systemic, mechanical, structural know-hows.

Becoming a professional ANYTHING requires you to have clients and customers who find you, choose you, pay you for the value you provide - however you create that to look.

If you wish to start a private practice as a life and/or relationship coach, as an acupuncturist, as an astrologer, as an accountant, as an artist, actor or writer, as a doctor or lawyer - there's a method to pursuing the "public recognition" and "practice-building" side of this.

And though, if you search the web - you'll find LOTS of "business coaches" and business "trainings" out there - the one part of creating a business that you can't get out-of-a-box or online one-size-fits-all program is...YOU.

What you get in "BIZ" isn't just "The Basics" broken down in a methodical way (though, by getting those Systems and Structures down in BIZ - you'll see a whole array of "light bulbs" flashing in your head and all around you...) - but the Tools of the PROCESS.

So you can do it yourself at will.

womanelevatorIn class and weekly "Clinics" with Business Siren Master Coach Teachers - you'll be HEARD.

Your dreams will come through loud and clear to us.

You'll be helped, guided, informed - hands-on - to craft your dream for your clients, customers and the world into a MESSAGE. A message you can present publicly in all kinds of ways, without ever feeling like you're "selling."

This is why "Business Siren - BIZ" has grown out of RRRCT Coach Training, and why I and my Business Siren team are now available to you.

If you know you have something to offer - and are somehow finding that because you're not creating the great "stir" out in the world you'd hoped, you're starting to doubt your message and the worth of your offering - Business Siren BIZ can help you get your "mojo" back in weeks.

What Business Siren - BIZ Students Say:

jenny duftonAs a yoga teacher in a small town in Cornwall, England, I wanted to find new ways to develop my business, in addition to teaching in person, and you came up with so many answers for me in Business Siren-BIZ. I came in thinking I would get advice and I ended up with so much more.

Not only do I now have a new business plan, so many of the pieces are now actually in place! I have a newly designed website, a working subscriber box, an autoresponder system, newsletters, sales page copy, and the knowledge of how to write and video well for online followers, to enable me to keep in touch with my clients and readers. I also have the tech and plan for products I can sell further down the line. And all this in six weeks!

Most importantly, I came away with a whole new way of looking at myself and what I have to offer. You made me see how unique we all are, and how I, uniquely, can help people's health and wellbeing globally through the web...and from wherever in the world I want to be. I feel so energized by the whole experience and ready to go. Thank you so much." From Jenny Dufton at


Here's The Breakdown Of What You'll Get In Business Siren - BIZ:

Your Client/Customer "Funnel":

1. We'll "Bubble Chart" your thoughts, ideas, dreams and focus them in an organized hierarchy that creates a catchy, 7-10 point, brand-like message that people will notice and HEAR.

2. The Bubble Chart will help us create a thematic NAME, a tagline, a subtitle, and many "Headings" for your "brand" and website.

3. We'll create an actual "program" - your "Freebie" program - and a "Presentation" with you around that Bubble Chart - a blueprint for you to use for interviews, speeches, videos, and in writing.

4. You'll Learn "Systems, Structure And Soul" - to learn to write with an undeniably compelling style, from your heart and soul - and with the structure required to create resonance and get your readers onboard with you right away.


Your Website:

1. You'll learn the "Systems, Structure and Soul" you'll need to get your web presence FUNCTIONAL - so your "Client Funnel" works.

2. You'll get traffic coming to your site, get visitors to STAY on your site, and CONVERT them to SUBSCRIBERS.

3. You'll learn to write "sales copy." The importance of this cannot be understated. Though I'll provide you with templates and procedurals, you'll need to know HOW to communicate with everyone out there in web-land who wants what you've got - in a meaningful, attractive and compelling way. And this is what you'll learn to do.

4. You'll be pushed early on by me to get your "tech" together. You'll need either a webmaster/webdesigner, or free WIX or Squarespace site, plus some great Do-It-Yourself instincts and the willingness to do some grunt work when necessary.

I and the Business Siren Master Coach Trainers will be helping you every step of the way - with Systems and tech, Structure and copy, and getting your Soul to shine through everything you put out to the world.

I'll provide you references and resources - AND - the important thing is that you'll KNOW what you're DOING!!!

The Business Siren - BIZ Teleseminar Experience:

I work with you one-on-one by phone during live teleseminars the same day every week of the eight weeks of BIZ - and your Master Coach Trainers then work with you throughout the week, personally, in what I call "Clinics."


The Cost:

Because Business Siren - BIZ is how I mentor my Rori Raye Certified Coaches, and part of the RRRCT larger program - we know BIZ works. (You'll find Testimonials below.)

We've now got this down to a science, where we know we're able to get the best, fastest, and most efficient results for you by working with you one-to-one, personally.

So - essentially, you're being privately coached throughout BIZ. Because we're now so organized and experienced - and the materials are already available on video, audio, and written in the BIZ Manual - Business Siren - BIZ can be cost effective and affordable for you at $3500 for eight fully-supported weeks of business development.

Where You'll Be By The End Of Business Siren - BIZ:


  • Your Business "Dream" will feel and look real - to you and everyone else. You'll know where you're coming from, where you're headed, what you want, what you want to offer the world, and have a plan to get you there that feels right and do-able to you
  • Your website and Client Funnel will be fully functional, feel and look like you, inspire "traffic," and attract everyone who visits
  • Your writing (including sales copy, blog posts, autoresponders, articles) will be compelling,
  • Your photos will be attractive and convert visitors to subscribers,
  • Your "free offer" will be meaningful and draw people in,
  • You'll know your next steps for promotion and marketing,
  • You'll be ready to create an advanced product to sell, and, most important...
  • You'll feel heard, "got" and supported the whole way!

I so look forward to hearing from you, working with you, turning your dream REAL - and making it feel easy to find your passions and turn them into superstar success!

Because I personally interview applicants to BIZ, to contact me about joining Business Siren - BIZ, or to discuss how it would work for your unique situation, write me here:

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I look forward to talking with you, and  to helping you make your dream real...Love, Rori