You Are The Original Siren…

Once upon a time, we were all girls. 

We played, we dressed up, we did our own versions of what we saw our mothers do.

We were all about what makes us Sirens right now: DESIRE…

And then – we really began to see what our mothers did, didn’t or couldn’t do.

We began to see and feel everything. All the hidden things beyond the dressing up and cooking.

We saw work that was there or not, happy or not.

We saw how the men around our mothers reacted to the work our mothers did and didn’t do.

We saw how what our mothers did, said, didn’t do, didn’t say – affected them.

So, we saw, too, how what she did, said, didn’t do, didn’t say – affected the romance in her life.

We saw how she felt from day to day. We saw how her life was.

Then we copied that, too.


 … we refused to copy that.

You Are The Original Siren.

What do I mean by that?

For me, it goes back to the origin of the universe – of all universes, of all life, of all matter, known by us or unknown – and that is “Chaos.”

And for me, this doesn’t mean “disorder.”

Chaos represents to me the most feminine of instincts – to “gather.”

To gather friends, lovers, children, growing things, feelings – and information.

It’s this instinct toward growth and expansion, toward inclusion and compassion and love that we women have completely been taught to distrust, dismember, and discard.

Men have ALWAYS seen the value of our instincts –

– ALWAYS – and in many ways sought to control us because of this great gift they believe we have.

The best of men simply worship us and our gifts. They want to be part of our world, and to help us and our incredible feminine vibes make the world a better place.

Men who give in to their fear, their complacency, and who think small try their best to become superior in terms of worldly power.

What we women have, that hardly any of us have been given the freedom to explore or even the acknowledgement that it exists as monumental power – is DESIRE.

We have all kinds of Desire.

For love, connection, sensual experience – and for more of everything that feels good not only to us – but to everyone else!

And we have never been taught to use it.  To wield it like power. To hold it as strength.

Instead, our DESIRE has been put into boxes other people call “selfishness.”

We’ve been taught from day one that our Desires are supposed to take a backseat to everyone and anyone else’s “needs.”

And – so what happened is, we simply started forgetting about Desire. 

We started to call it other things, started talking about it in reasonable, man-speak ways.

We discussed the pros and cons of our WANTS, and tried our best to “keep the lid on our emotions.”

I partly believe the entire “Mindfulness” technique came from the masculine need to control emotions.

Yes, Mindfulness is hugely beneficial and amazing, yes it reduces fear and anxiety, yes, it gets you OUT of your HEAD and into your body, and I use it in all my Tools in different ways – YET – have you ever wondered what’s at the bottom of what mindfulness fixes?

Where stress comes from in the first place?

For me, it’s all about stopped, stuck, impoverished, impossible DESIRE that we cannot “figure out” how to satisfy.

When we are alone and without a lover, and crave affection, attention, physical touch – how do we deal with that?

Do we allow our DESIRE to turn into something that can actually get our desire fulfilled?

Or do we turn on the TV, self-medicate, get out the vibrator and the ice cream, and forget about it?

All of this is huge for me.

It’s the burning question I have every time I work with a woman in pain in love, and every time I work with a woman to build her business and work life when everything in her is screaming “SABOTAGE!” at her.

Business Siren is my offering to you…

…with classes, books, actual business help from myself and others, and the unwavering commitment to the Business Siren Primary Protocol of Being in Your Feminine Energy 100% of the time – even when it feels like you’re “in ACTION.”

Business Siren newsletters, books, programs, classes and private mentoring will solve this for you as we go along, and I hope – as you discover how the Business Siren Protocols for “work” go hand-in-hand with The Modern Siren Tools for love and relationship – you discover a whole new way to live your life with DESIRE at FULL TILT!!!

Go here to download the full copy of your free guide: “You Are The Original Siren – The 3 Desires That Will Reclaim Your Feminine Power And Bring You What You Want..”

From the “3 Desires” guide, you’ll also have a link to another free guide: “10 Business Siren Paths To Having It All” – which will get you started with the Primary Business Siren Protocols…and on your way to fulfilling ALL your Desires…

With love, Rori


  1. Rhonda Lee on July 17, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    I want to make my husband jealous and want me like crazy. Always be around me. I want to be the sexy one of all time to him. If I don’t do something I am going to divorce him. He needs to be interested in me and me alone at all times.
    Is the Siren a good place to start? I need something quick and that will work quick!

    • Rhonda Lee on July 17, 2019 at 6:15 pm

      This is Rhonda Lee again. I am a attractive lady. I work out, run, and take care of my face and body.
      Just seems like nothing works for me with my husband. No intimate relations and I am sick of it!!
      Just for once or more I would like to see jealous in him over me. To be closer than ever imagined!
      This is the second half of the message above I send a few mins. Before this one.

    • Joya on June 30, 2022 at 7:53 am

      I believe that Rori would advise you to take the focus off of him and turn it on you and your happiness in a genuine way as much as possible!
      Then it is the critical point where he will be interested or not!

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