What Can You Do NOW To Get What You Want?

1 (4)I was asked in a Business Siren interview: “What can our listeners could start doing today to shift their mindset to have more money, success, and freedom in their lives?”

My answer was simple:

It’s about “play.”

It’s about considering what you “do” an expression of what you “be.”

And that – whether or not it feels “comfortable” at this moment: Expansion and extension are happening.

Everything around you and through you is expanding and extending, and the only choice we ever have to make in each moment is if we’re going to get “onboard” with the expansion and extension, or personally attempt to “stop” it.

There seems to always be a door in front of us. That door leads to complete Unknown. We never an know what the next moment will bring, where we’ll be, what will happen.

We all experience fear when we “feel” that door. We want to open it, we want to close it. We want to explore, we want to feel safe.

IMG_0908This is the conflict of being human, when we’re in our heads looking for answers instead of simply following our feelings and then letting those feelings guide us to “action.”

And – the decision to open the door (or shut it if it’s already half open!) becomes a daily experience.

In fact, it happens so many times in a day – often so many times every minute – that we feel exhausted from our battle with “decision.”

Most of the time, we don’t even accept that it’s our decision to allow in the world or shut ourselves down from it (we can’t ever stop the world!), and so we believe we’re battling WITH “the world.”

We believe we’re exhausted by circumstance, by situation, by things outside of our control (and everything is outside our control, except for our own decisions about where we put our attention at every moment).

When, really, we’re exhausted by our inner battle between our head, our body, our heart, and what’s moving through us and around us.

So – the one change that makes all the difference is to choose NOT to “go to battle” one more time.

Instead, to choose to Fall In Love WITH the battle. To Fall In Love with everything the battle is about. All the pieces, everything.

This is how the door opens.

All by itself, it gracefully, slowly swings outward, and we’re now in the Unknown consciously, awake and aware of everything about being in the Unknown.

Feelings come up. We feel them. We Fall In Love with them. We sit, we stand, we walk, we talk, we feel the door open.

And that’s it.

Here’s the Business Siren Webinar replay (with slides!) so you can see how this can actually work, in practical ways, every day. How you can experience getting so much “done” without ever forcing yourself through stress–>>


Love, Rori

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