Welcome To Your Private Coaching Session With Rori Raye

1So happy to get to work with you!

Here are a few things that'll make your session as powerful and effective as it can be - no matter what we'll be working on together:

1. Make sure you're not driving (pulled over to the side of the road is fine...)

2. Be ON your computer on our Zoom call - not your phone! This way, we can actually WORK on everything that needs work: your website, writing, ideas, everything, while we talk.

3. Though I'll be recording our call and sending you the link, consider recording what you'd like on your phone.

NOTE: Even though we're recording, writing down what feels important to you: action steps, scripts, Principles, Protocols and your own thoughts and feelings - and doing it in the MOMENT - is a critical part of the Business Siren process. So bring a pencil and paper if you like to scribble down thoughts the way I do! 

See you at our appointed day and time! I'll send you the Zoom invite and a reminder that morning.

Love, Rori