Welcome To The Business Siren Mastermind!

Michelle Manley

Now that you've completed your Siren Mastermind sign-up form - in about 15 minutes, your official login name and password will be emailed to you (please watch your email box for that!).

Once you login to the members site on Members.CoachRori.com, you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose from your different Siren School memberships – just click on “Business Siren Mastermind” and you’ll go to your “Home Page.”

Here, you’ll have access to the materials you’ll be working with throughout your Business Siren Mastermind membership.

While you're waiting for your login codes - if you're not already a member of The Business Siren Mastermind Facebook Group - click the button below and Request to Join. Then email me the Facebook name you've used to sign up and I'll get you accepted ASAP!

Michelle Manley, Head RRRCT Master Coach Teacher, and your Business Siren Mastermind Coach and Facilitator, will write you personally to get connected with you and get to know you before The Mastermind begins.

We all look forward to knowing you and helping you expand your life and work in every direction - as big as you want to go!

mariah new2

Master Coach Teacher Mariah Grey, who teaches RRRCT - BIZ (along with Michelle, Helena Hart and I), will be working with you on the FB group, while Michelle Manley and I will be dropping by often.

If you need anything, or to cancel your Mastermind membership, simply write me here:

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