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Life Doesn't Make "Sense"  Because it's Not Supposed To...

The Masculine Model of Life is Simple:

...we're supposed to "figure it out" and "do a good job."

We're supposed to "work hard" and "play hard."

We women, in an effort to gain equal footing with men in the workplace, without losing our allure in love, have tried to adopt all the things out in the world that see to work for men -only, they're all created by men, lived by men, they're masculine ways of doing things.

Nothing wrong with that. It's just not how we women work.

Even if you're a woman who prefers a highly structured environment.  Even if you like to be organized, to plan, to be careful and thoughtful, to not be emotional - you are a woman.

You ARE an emotional creature. You may not like it, but you are.

You are filled with a very different kind of emotional energy than a man. You are filled with DESIRE that men cannot comprehend.

Your WANTS are very different from those of any man.

How? We want it all.

Our hormones create us for connection. We FEEL. That's how we're built, how we're wired, how we're meant to function.

We're meant to flow through life with the guidance of our intuition, our instinct for love, our attraction to beauty, our sensibilities, what feels right to us.

Rori Raye

We are not meant to "figure it out."

That's a bill of goods we've been sold our whole lives - and not necessarily because of some evil plan to keep women "down,"  but because that's the ONLY MODEL the world knows!

Even with so many powerful women on the playing field of the world now - the only way most people know how to "judge" someone's ability for anything is through the only eyes they know - the lens of the masculine.

In The 3 Desires, you'll get a glimpse of what's possible if you DON'T follow the rules.

If you let your heart and want and desire lead you, instead of your rational mind.

If you feel instead of think your way through life - especially in business.

We women have all been taught to think about "balancing" these parts of ourselves.

We've been trained to believe we must "diminish" one kind of energy in order to build another - and that's not true...

You do NOT have to diminish your girl-ness to be successful in business, and you do NOT have to diminish your "boyness" to be successful in romance!

Instead: Imagine what it would feel like to expand BOTH energies - Feminine AND Masculine.

Your Next Step Is The Business Siren's Handbook.

It covers nearly everything you will ever face in business or work (whether you're working for yourself or someone else...), with a man at work, or in a business meeting.

And The Handbook gives you specific Tools to make the huge "Business Siren Protocol shift" in how much easier EVERYTHING can be for you.

Once you get, deep in your bones, how you really can be and stay in your feminine self 100 percent of the time - no matter what, everything seems to just "flow."

The Business Siren's Handbook is the "How":

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Here's where you'll quickly learn how to live work, and be loved like a girl - and STILL "get stuff done!"

You Don't EVER Have To "Settle."

Love doesn't have to take a backseat to your work...

...and your work doesn't have to be put on hold for love.

In The Business Siren's Handbook, you'll get Tool after Tool for changing the way you think about your life, what you can and can't have, all the limitations and rules that have been put on you - and begin to find yourself actually believing you CAN follow your Desires and be successful at EVERYTHING!

It's a guide to stop the heavy thinking, heavy lifting, and heavy emotions that come with what we consider to be impossible choices.

The "Old Feminism" of my generation convinced us that all of life, for a woman, is "either/or."

Business Siren is here to tell you there's another way - the "Either AND" way...where choices are made by the moment, and nothing is ever wasted.

Choosing has always represented "sacrifice" to most of us women - and Business Siren will change all that for you.

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The Business Siren's Handbook

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Have It All - Systems, Structure And Soul

Learn how to use the 10 Business Siren Paths to quickly end stress and overwhelm, inspire your creativity, build joy and stamina - and get new business skills to create a Client/Customer Funnel for ALL of your life... Have It All will teach you how to "do" all of this from your organic, feminine energy...

The Business Siren Mastermind!

We all work. You can have both meaningful work that makes you good money - and a romantic life that lights you up. The secret is in The Business Siren Protocols, in being in your feminine energy ALL the time (even though everyone out there has told you the lie that you have to "act like a man" in any work environment), and learning to "get stuff done like a girl."


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