Make Your Dream Real

Optimized-0608263003(1)A Note From Rori:

Don't let the dream of being a professional coach fade before you discover what you're "made of."

Don't assume it's too "hard."

You're much smarter, tougher, creative, ambitious, and worthy of success doing something you love than you think.

All you need is a method of learning the skills you need that's tailored for YOU.

That works with your personality, your learning style, and what you envision for yourself.

RRRCT does not make Rori Raye "clones.

I'm not interested in making "mini-me's" with my philosophies and the focus of my work.

I want YOU to flower as YOU - to find YOUR voice, express it, and have women (and men, too!) fromall over the world arrive at your doorstep in droves to get what YOU offer.

Becoming a professional coach with a professional business is not "too high" a thing to want.

It's not that difficult.

Once you learn how to do the "baby-steps" of business - you'll be able to help your clients understand the "baby-steps" of turning around a love life more brilliantly. You'll be an example to everyone you meet.

And - most important - after week 3 of RRRCT, after the "dust settles" and you begin to "get" how The Six Elements and all my Tools work together for you from this new place of "coach" you'll be in - you'll start to feel so great about yourself and your abilities - you'll begin to re-think any limitations you've put on yourself before RRRCT.

The word for a Business Siren is EXPANSION.

And that's what you'll be doing.

Yes, you'll be blown away by yourself - but the top of your head won't come off - it'll just expand to hold all the new possibilities you'll now begin to believe in.

You can DO THIS!!!

Look for Melanie's reply to your note to me  (if you'd like to tell me more about yourself and how you see yourself as a professional coach - please feel free to write me here, too - the form's just below...!).

I look forward to meeting you by phone or Skype, and helping you make your dream of becoming a professional life and relationship coach real.

Love, Rori

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