Rori Raye Tool Of The Week – The Dog Walk

If I Loved Me As Much As I Love My Dog…

zekerorifacetunedI love walking my dog.  And drilling down even further – I love HAVING to walk my dog. 

My code of ethics and what I believe being a good dog guardian includes is walking him every day – two, three, four times…. I must.

So – I get out in the air. 

I have to leave my cave of my mind and writing, and walk among people and trees, and do my Tools – be present, love every single thing I see, feel, smell, think, am.

And it occurred to me that if I felt that strongly about things that had to do with MY well-being as I did about the well-being of my dog – I’d be doing a whole lot more things for myself.

I’d exercise more regularly, I’d take care of my skin, hair, clothes, errands, everything – with more sense of purpose. 

Or, at least, I’d allow myself to believe that it’s ALRIGHT to SPEND that time and energy on myself.

So – who’s the dog in me?

Who, inside me, do I really WANT to take care of?

And – how’s that working inside you?

Especially if you don’t have a dog that needs walking, or a child that needs tending – no matter how YOU’RE feeling?

I thought about this this morning:

Let’s find something in ourselves that we absolutely, without any question, feel REQUIRES our TENDING.

Something we feel totally COMMITTED to – and that we WANT to tend to.

What can this be?

I looked around inside myself and thought of many things – the physical ones came to mind first – the physical tending.

And then I thought about the spiritual tending – meditating, resting, walking, being with others who’re meditating and tending to their spirits.

And then I thought about tending to my emotions – reading a novel and letting it take me emotionally, more sex and sensuality, really caring about other people and tending to them while I’m tending to me.

Then I thought about my mind, and realized – THAT’S where it’s EASY for me to tend!  Give me a crossword puzzle, or a problem of any kind to “solve,” and I’m on it.

And that’s my cage.  That’s where the dog needs to be walked.  It needs to be walked OUT of my mind, and into my heart, my body, my spirit.

So – I picked one from each group.  You do that, too – right now.

Tool: The Dog Walk Of You

1. Pick something you LOVE that has to do with your body: a bath, a walk, the gym, working out with balls and bands at home, makeup fun, hair fun, decorating yourself with clothes fun…

2. Then pick something that has to do with your spirit: doing your favorite Rori Raye Tools fills the bill here. Try “Touching Objects” and “Being Present.”

3. Then pick something that has to do with your heart, your emotions, your feelings: perhaps something that triggers your sense of wonder, or triggers you to cry, or to laugh.  Perhaps that’s a movie, or volunteering for some cause you care about, or driving somewhere where there’s a gorgeous sunrise or sunset…

Let’s see if we can come up with whole great lists of these things – please send me your personal picks – and I want you to pick only ONE thing each for your body, spirit and heart.

Try it out, see if it has power for you, see if it’s something you can do REGULARLY – just like walking a dog.

I’ll come up with my list, too, and perhaps we can inspire each other as we go along.

The idea is to find a personal “calling” around these areas that are, truly, all together – our unique ESSENCE.

And how can this help you get the man, the relationship, the job, the business, the LIFE of your dreams?


There’s absolutely nothing in this world as compelling, attracting, and powerful and a woman who’s in touch with, and COMMITTED to – her essence.  And that’s YOU.

To see if your calling is as a healer of the hearts and minds of women everywhere as a professional coach, talk with me about your dreams.

I’ll give you an honest assessment of your chances to not only feel good about what you do – but to make money doing it!

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I look forward to knowing you, and perhaps helping you completely change your work and your life.

Try The Dog Walk, and let me know how it feels…

Love, Rori

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