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Penny testimonial“I’m very excited about my future as a Rori Raye Certified Life and Relationship Coach – I have a new direction in life and exciting future doing what I love, my way!

At the age of 52 I was wondering if I could keep up with the younger ladies in training, after years of being out of an educational situation.

I can tell you from the very beginning, my mind and senses were challenged inside and out.

I was stretched – and came out strong and confident that I had something very important to give to the world.

I feel fully awake and thriving, and excited to learn something new every day. I’m doing what I know I am called to do – and I’m very effective in my business.

I have always known that I was to be in a healing capacity in some way. People have always been drawn to me as someone to unload emotional burdens to, to trust me with things they don’t want people to know about them, to share feelings of guilt, shame,anger and just feeling lost, all knowing they won’t be judged. I have felt their feelings and have hurt with them.

I’ve been involved in pastoral counseling, and believe that healing comes from without as well as within. I believe we need to sit together, sometimes in silence, stand for one another and walk through healing with those who are wounded.

When I saw Rori Raye’s post on Facebook, I knew this training was for me. My heart jumped in my chest and I had to be involved. I’d waited years for the right conduit to let my heart flow to others, and I jumped at the chance to sign up for RRRCT 2015.

If you’re a wonderful well-seasoned woman, and you’re wondering how you can bring your wisdom and gifts to the hurting women in our society, this is an amazing, effective way to hone your skills and bring your best forward.

Rori has set up RRRCT 2016 to take you from zero to a thriving, up-and-running, personal coaching business in just a very short time.

You’ll learn skills that will not only transform those who come to you for your expertise, but you’ll also be transformed from the inside out. You’ll look back and say, “Now how did she do that?”

I recommend that if you’re feeling that you have more to give than you’re currently doing, need a conduit, or have a dream, I encourage you to get into this experience.

RRRCT for anyone who longs to make a difference in your world.”

Coach-Penny Plummer
Find The Love Of Your Life – Find Your Heart’s Desire

From Rori: – If the idea of being a professional coach, trained and mentored  by me, tickles a dream you’ve had – just click on the “Be a Coach” link at the top of this webpage to learn more a out how RRRCT works, and set up an appointment to talk with me personally at–>>


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