Open The Doors And There You Are

IMG_0908This is a whole new area I’m now investigating and working with myself – and want to share with you…

From the first moment you get the hang of this… It feels like magic.

Is feels like your life is new – all of a sudden.

It feels like your brain stopped running you and – you’re free!

I know saying “you’ll ‘feel free'” is a mouthful. It’s a lot to promise… And yet….

That’s where were going here. “Freedom.” However that feels for you.

People in the healing profession have always been talking about feeling “free,” and since I began my own work journey as a writer and coach – I’ve always thought it was just a bunch of easy-to-say, general-ball-park words.

It’s such an easy word – to say, “free.”

What does that really mean? To be free?

Most of us don’t feel free at all!

We have children, we have family, we have a life partner – or want to have a life partner. We have friends. We have obligations. We have responsibilities.

We have to work!

We have presentations to make, assignments and bills that are due, places to take our kids, places we need to be, the basics like food and shelter…

No, we aren’t locked in a prison. We aren’t run by someone else.

And yet, if we look at all the “have to’s” stacked up in our lives – it hardly feels like an environment that promotes freedom.

Yet, so many incredible people who have been incarcerated, or captured, or ill, or limited in motion, have told us over the centuries that freedom is within.

That you can feel free no matter what your circumstances are.

And again, that feels hard to visualize. It’s hard to imagine. It’s hard to emotionally get a glimmer of a sense of.

And it’s really easy to roll your eyes when somebody talks about it.

So let’s just take a baby step in this direction. I call this:

The “Open The Door” Tool:

It looks like this:

1. Catch yourself in a moment where you’re deep in thought, looking down at the floor, thinking about something, feeling a complaint rising up in your body, examining a grievance… And imagine that all around you is an open space of the unknown.

Imagine “Stuff” is there you have no idea about.

2. Feelings may come up – and just be with them as you can feel them…

3. Now, imagine you’re just allowing doors everywhere to open ….let them open out…

4. Say to yourself “open the doors.”

It’s like the Paul McCartney song “….open the door and let him in… ” …only you’re not letting something specific in. Because you don’t know what’s out there!

You’re simply opening the door to nothing and everything … To total chaos and confusion… To the total unknown.

The moment I open the doors… I feel an instant sense of relief. It’s as though all my energy was going into guarding the doors.

All my fear was behind these closed doors!

I didn’t know what was out there, so it’s hard to be afraid of it! It’s the opening of the doors that I was feeling fear around.

So the moment I just throw open the doors, let them open and let everything that’s out there see me, feel me, confront me… All of a sudden it’s so much easier to not be in my head.

Try it.

Next time you feel pigeonholed, stuck somewhere, say to yourself, “open the doors” – and let them open.

See what it feels like to be completely in the unknown. See if it helps you drop your guard without “trying” or “effort.”

Let me know how this works for you, and we’ll keep talking about it…

Love, Rori

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