Make Your Dream Real

2 (9)“What’s The Dream?”

This is what the hero, Joe, asks the prostitute, Kitty Duval, in my favorite play – William Saroyan’s “The Time Of Your Life.”

The play is set in Nick’s, a San Francisco waterfront honky-tonk, a place where the dreams of the characters begin to come true.

It’s a place where “the starving find sustenance, the deprived get a break, and the lonely and disheartened find love and hope.”

For me, one of the most powerful moments I’ve ever read or seen on stage happens when Joe sits at the bar next to the great Kitty Duval and asks her, probably for the thousandth time, “What’s the dream?” – and she answers, “I dream of home.”

What Kitty means when she says “home” is open to interpretation. Is it the physical “home” she remembers and wants to go back to? Or is it the feeling of “being” in a place where you feel welcomed, loved, comforted, comfortable –  “at home” – what she most desires?

So, the question I want to ask you is – what’s YOUR dream? And if your dream isn’t literally, “Home” – perhaps it’s your own meaning of a “home” inside you, where you feel yourself, where you feel surrounded by love, enveloped by peace, and with a way to express yourself that can be heard by everyone.

The totality of your dream may not be a bunch of material things or specific situations, or goals, even – and yet, they might!

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Having money and the ability to travel and have a great physical “home” are nothing to “sniff” at.

2Having work you love (because we ALL work…) accounts for a good feeling for 8-10 hours of our days -day after day.

We’re lucky we don’t have to trade our bodies and sexuality for money, like Kitty Duval (though many women still do, all over the world…), and yet, some of us DO trade ourselves for a hope of love, connection, and some for status and power in a man that attracts us.

  • We almost ALL trade some parts of ourselves each day to soothe the “survival” instincts that crop up inside each of us when we’re triggered by fear.

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