Learn How “You Don’t Have To Settle” – At The First Ever Rori Raye Webinar!

1 (4)You Don’t Have To Settle…

You don’t even have to choose between the things you love: You can Have It All, without giving up independence, success, fulfilling work and money – and romantic love, life-partnership and family.

It’s not an either/or.

The biggest question I’m always asked about how Business Siren works is: How, if I stay in my feminine energy – do I get anything done?”

And my answer is: Its the loveliest, simplest, most good-feeling thing in the world.

It’s about Falling In Love with the process of things, trusting yourself IN that process, and then allowing everything else to simply “take place.”

It sounds ridiculous until you try it.

Come join me on my first ever “Have It All” webinar (with slides!) and learn how to “Make Your Dream Real” on Saturday, May 7th at 10am PDT – Just go here to let me know you’re coming – and to pick up your free “How To Fall In Love With Chaos” worksheet Download!–>>

Essentially, the difference between “getting stuff done” like a girl, like a Siren, has everything to do with how we see pressure and stress, and the “way” in which we “do” things.

It’s all about our training as women – which tells us many LIES:

1. That men won’t love us if we’re powerful and successful out in the world, if we spend a lot of time working on what we want to work at, and if we don’t “need” them for “logistics” and to keep a roof over our head.

2. That we’ll “hate” any idea of being in a relationship with a man who doesn’t have the level of education and financial success we have – who doesn’t “work as hard.”

3. That there just isn’t enough time in a day to “do it all.”

2And my answer to all of these fairy tales spun by men and taken up by us women because we’ve always been “working our way up” from “second-class” status in the world (and so many women all over the world are still little more than a man’s property, and often badly-treated property) – is this:

Having It All has NOTHING to do with “doing it all.”

In fact – “doing” is not what goes on at all for a Business Siren!

So – How do you “get stuff done” if you’re not “doing” in the “classic” way we’ve all been taught?

Just show up to the live “Make Your Dream Real” Webinar on Saturday, May 7th at 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm Europe – (if you’re already signed up – Brava, can’t wait to meet you!)

It’s got slides, personal stories and new Tools, you’ll get your personal questions answered, and you’ll get to experience me doing “new tech” for the first time!

Just go here to let me know you’re coming – and I’ll see you there!–>>

Love, Rori

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