If You’re Thinking He Has To Be “Doing Better” Than You …Maybe Not…

Imagine loveWe’re so used to making judgments about men based on their status.

Is it any wonder, then, that we stop ourselves from what we want in everything else in life – because we perceive that the higher WE go, the smaller the pool of men with enough “status” to satisfy us will be?

That if we want a man “higher or above” us in the “world” – we HAVE to then keep ourselves “small” in order to have enough men to choose from?

We’re sort of choosing how our “pool” of men look according to our own status.

And we don’t have to do that.

Status is a useless barometer of the potential for love and romantic life-partnership.

Don’t let dreams of what you want rest on the shoulders of a man. The less you care what it “looks like,” the more love you’ll encounter, experience, and create.

Love, Rori

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