How To Say What You Feel & Stop The ‘Intensity’ That Pushes What You Want Away…”

rori photo (41)Hi, This is Rori - I know the whole idea of “saying what you feel” sounds wrong.

Were you told from childhood - like all of us women were, by someone in authority, sometime in our lives - that your "emotions" were "inappropriate"?

That: Your emotions would keep you from getting a job? That bosses and co-workers wouldn't "respect you"?

That: Men HATE Feelings?

Were you accused of being "dramatic"?

Of it being "your time of the month?"

Has "PMS" been thrown at you more times than you can count - no matter WHAT was going on?

Most PEOPLE get really uncomfortable around “drama” and the kind of emotional intensity where your energy is all bound up in a kind of “push-pull” tension inside you – but EVERYONE LOVES “feelings.”

So - what's the difference between "emotion" and "drama"?

How do you feel, thoroughly, completely, down to your toes - exactly what you're feeling - without setting off waves of distance between you and everyone else?

Distance between you and a boss, a business partner, a client or customer, a friend, a family member, your boyfriend, husband or date?

This is the secret of being a Modern Siren - and now, of being a Business Siren, too.

A man loves to see you “uncovered.”  As though you’re a transparent woman and he can see everything that’s going on inside you.  Yes, even the “yucky” stuff.

In fact - EVERYONE likes to see you "uncovered."
What We're Talking About Here Is Vulnerability...

...and vulnerability is a rare thing.

“Fragility” is common, where the person you're closest to feels you could easily break apart or fly into a rage or into tears at the drop of a hat.  And a man, especially, is always on the lookout for that.

But vulnerability requires inner strength, bravery, and a belief in yourself.  AND - people can tell the difference!

In order to let someone see who you are inside – especially a man you love – you have to be “okay” with yourself.

Liking yourself is even better.  And loving yourself gets you the prize!

If What A Man You Love, A Friend, Your Boss, Your Client Sees When He Or She Looks At You Is That You Love Yourself...

...then he feels compelled to love you, too.  He can’t help it.  

Saying what you feel is a necessary part of being vulnerable.

It doesn’t mean you have to say everything you feel  ALL the time. (And most of the time we’re actually speaking about what we THINK, and what we think doesn’t count at all for vulnerability.)

And it doesn’t mean you spew your feelings out in just any old way.

What being vulnerable and saying what you feel means  - is that there’s a way to talk about what you feel that works, that’s soft and vulnerable, and there’s a way to talk about what you feel that’s dramatic, “intense” and makes him, and everyone else in your life. think you’re fragile and difficult.

If you're learning to use the Rori Raye Mantra: Trust Your Boundaries (they're inside you, not outside like armor); Follow Your Feelings (feel them no matter what!); Choose Your Words (use Feeling Messages) and Be Surprised (this is where we give up "control...") - I'm pretty sure your girlfriends have noticed.

You've likely become a great listener, someone with great information  to share, and are finding yourself the "go-to-girl" for your friends (and even acquaintances) who're having life and love challenges and are a few steps behind you by not knowing the Rori Raye tools you do.

You may be flirting with the idea of becoming a coach, like me, and like the graduates and Certified Coaches of Rori Raye Relationship Training.

Being a professional coach is a two-pronged experience: You get to be an entrepreneur, creating your own destiny with elbow grease that doesn't have to answer to anyone but you. And - you get to do it from home in your pajamas.

If this is something you've put in the back of your mind...

..., and you'd like to talk with me personally about what joining RRRCT (RRRCT begins officially on July 11th!) would be like for you - or if you'd like to talk with me about making any major life dream of yours real - let me know by hitting "reply" to this message and writing to me, or going here to book a free, 20 minute phone or video Skype "Strategy Session"-->>

Love, Rori


  1. Donna on November 3, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Looks excellent and exciting!

  2. Tina on September 19, 2020 at 6:43 pm

    OMG Rori! You were right all along. I pushed away the best man, 6 months straight. We were to get married and he told me he no longer sees a future with us and that he loves me but no romantic love. How do I get him back? I broke down and seen all my faults…it was me, pushed out.
    We never slept together in 15 months, as you remember, he respected me to wait until marriage. I changed my mind and wanted to but we only did other things….which I was completely happy but know that may have contributed to the feelings not growing?
    Please help me. I’m open and willing to do anything. Cards, long letters, nothing works. He blocked me after I went off on him for being cold.

    My heart is breaking…

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