How To Heal Your Rage

Here’s The First Rule Of How To Find, “Frame,” And USE Your Inner Rage:

FB Nov3Do NOT “search” for it!

Don’t look for it, investigate where you think it might be, go back into your past to try to unearth it, envision it, re-imagine old situations, analyze it…

Even if Rage shows up (with a capital “R”) at some moment when you least expect it – Do NOT try to connect it up somehow with an event or events past or present.

Do NOT “look” for the “why” of it.

Yes, Rage is “beneath” a lot of other emotions we’re more aware of.

For instance – if you notice yourself acting “nice” – and yet you also notice a huge amount of tension around your jaw, your mouth, your throat, your chest – all of you, all the way down to your toes – chances are there’s anger and Rage stewing underneath the “nice.”

If you’re feeling down and depressed and like you can’t feel a thing and don’t want to – chances are anger and Rage are simmering just beneath the surface, with no way for them to come up and out to the air.

The thing is – successful women, and women who WANT to be successful but keep finding themselves stopped at weird points along their way ( in fact ALL of us women!) would do nearly anything to AVOID our Rage.

Why? Because it never got us anything but more pain. It’s cost us friendship. It’s lost us men. It’s cost us jobs and opportunities. It’s split our families. It’s blinded us to love and compassion – especially for ourselves.

Trying to “solve” what seems like a “problem” is the way some classic therapy proceeds – and I don’t think it works all that well. I think trying to heal yourself that way can actually result in MORE trauma – more resistance, more energy mobilized as the wound is reopened, rather than soothed.

Rage can come out of traumatic events you actually can’t recall without some effort – and though some folks say the recalling of those events contributes to healing, it has to be done the right way – and I don’t believe there’s a tried-and-true formula for the “right way” of profitably digging up the past, no matter what anyone says.

Trauma is all about being helpless – actually helpless. 

You may have tried to fight or flee, but you simply weren’t actually able to.  This resulted in a FREEZING response – which is what’s going on for each of us to some degree.

All your feelings at that moment froze into the cells of your body – and every time anything triggers them to “come alive,” those frozen emotions – and the NEED to STOP them from unfreezing! – become overwhelming.

The Rage, then, is only the life force trying to free you from being actually helpless. 

And it’s STILL trying to free you.

That means – the Rage doesn’t need to be healed! It’s IS a “healing”! Rage is a force for healing.

The healing the Rage is a part of can work WITHOUT there being a “literal” and direct connection the the original event where you WERE helpless.

Instead – you use the TRIGGERING experience to work the healing. This way, healing happens every single time you feel triggered. Bit by bit.

How does this work in love? In work? That’s what self-discovery is all about – finding out how YOU work. Where you’ve hidden the diamonds and the gold, where the stuff is you don’t want anyone to see isn’t important – and the “why” of it is absolutely irrelevant here.

How it SHOWS UP is everything! That’s where you learn about it. That’s where you access it. That’s where you USE it.

Rage Is Your Friend and Ally – Not Your Enemy

When Rage shows up, how you choose to FEEL it is your path to leveraging what’s happened in your past – without going back to “look” at it.

1. You don’t have to DO anything with the feeling – you just have to feel what you can of it.

2. Then you feel the back-and-forth feelings that happen around it – the feelings that the RAGE triggers.

Once you simply begin to allow the back-and-forth, fight, flight and freeze impulses to flow through you and be acknowledged – you’ll slowly unfreeze.

So – don’t try to find the SOURCE of your rage

instead, FEEL how it plays out in your life, and when it comes up – sink into it.

Feel how the emotions move around – and especially notice when you blank out, numb out, or feel your emotions freezing.  This is your clue that you’re getting close to even more frightening feelings!

If you just keep doing this process, this “Modern Siren and Business Siren Protocol,” and take it even further by acknowledging and loving all the stuff that comes up – you’ll slowly unwind from the freeze.

*You’ll be slowly making the unknown known inside you without trying or searching. Your energy field will simply – shift.

*You’ll stop DOING something to try to prevent the feelings from coming up.

*You’ll stop being angry at a man, a boss, a circumstance, an opportunity that didn’t pan out, a project that went off the rails, yourself.

*You’ll stop reacting to the “trigger” by shutting down everything inside you in order to prevent yourself from feeling the feeling of helplessness triggered by the chaos – and begin to feel alive

Right now – you are NOT helpless. 

It just feels like it.  And then the Rage rises up around it.

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Explore, experiment with your Rage, and see if you can discover a pattern for yourself. Rejoice with every new morsel you experience !

This is a great adventure – healing yourself this way – and you can do it.  Slowly and surely – gently, kindly, easily, step-by-step, no pressure, all discovery.

Love, Rori

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