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tatia-home-2Here’s An Amazing Free Interview…

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It’s included in my Rori Raye Have It All Radio For Women podcast show – and I’ll be sharing those interviews with you here…all free.

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Here’re a tiny taste of some of Tatia’s words of  wisdom:


Romance enhances a relationship.

It’s an expression of your feelings for someone.

It’s an indication that you want and desire someone.

More importantly, romance reaffirms the feelings between two people as their feelings grow and mature.


For a woman, romance resides inside of you.

It starts with what you feel.

It’s both an awareness and a response.

It’s  a willingness to be open to your true feelings.

To keep experiencing romance, you must stay in touch with your feelings.

Keep feeling your feelings,

Keep expressing your feelings and

Stay ready and willing to connected.

Being aware of, receiving, appreciating and responding to his romantic words/gestures is how you stay romantic while leaning back.

Respond with awareness.

Respond with receiving (accepting).

Respond with  accepting.

Respond with words honoring the romantic feelings inside of you.”

From Rori: Enjoy Tatia’s interview!

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Here’s what Tatia says about RRRCT:

“I absolutely love my coaching practice and the community of gorgeous RRRCT coaches that I belong to.

Our training with Rori was an awesome experience, and becoming a Certified Rori Raye coach proved to be a transformational point in my life. I blossomed – spiritually, professionally and personally. My lifestyle has become a feeling-filled journey of positivity, balance, self-power, sharing and feminine sensuality.

I have found my path working with Rori . . . it is a daily blend of happiness, continuous growth as business woman and satisfaction in the wonderful work I do helping women all over the world.” – Tatia Dee,

Love, Rori

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