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The Fastest, Newest, Most Cost-Effective Way to Coach YOURSELF To Have What You Want:

IMG_1780Hi, This is Rori, and you don’t have to want to be a professional coach to get what you need for your OWN life in RRRCT!

Several women have asked me if they could just take Rori Raye Fundamentals starting July 11th – without committing to the rest of the RRRCT journey. They want to work with me personally in Fundamentals – and perhaps even Advanced Coaching – not to become a professional coach, but to use RRRCT, me and the Master Teachers to change their own lives.

They want to learn to coach themselves. They want to learn to relate in a far more effective and amazing way with EVERYONE in their lives: bosses, business partners and co-workers, dates, lovers, husbands, family, friends – everyone…

Of course, I said yes. Taking the RRRCT Rori Raye Fundamentals is a great, cost-effective, personal “coaching package”:

1. By learning to coach yourself the way you’d coach other women – you’ll gain tremendous confidence. You’ll start to feel your self-esteem rise, you’ll feel skillful and purposeful, and, instead of tackling your personal challenges in small “bits” that only re-appear again later – you’ll get a deeper and wider view, a different perspective, a way to BE in your situation that can not only change THIS situation, but your entire life.

>>At the end of 7 weeks of Fundamentals, you’ll not only be able to coach another woman to success in her life – you’ll be able to coach YOURSELF to success in your life. AND you get to stay your personal coach forever! (Note: If you DO dream of becoming a professional coach – where YOUR personal life is at right now is irrelevant! It’s your skills and compassion that count…)

2. You’ll make life-long friends and become a part of the RRRCT sisterhood – which means you can “buddy-coach” for free with any and all RRRCTers. It’s like having a trusted network of private coaches anytime you need one! AND, you’ll have the skills to coach them back!

3. It’s an amazing “deal”: Over the years of RRRCT – Many have taken the full course as a “self-development” plan. And now that you have the option of taking Module #1 – Fundamentals all by itself, it makes even MORE sense – financially and in every other way:

>>Because Fundamentals (at $2500 total, and a very easy payment plan designed for you) is over 25 hours live, in-person with me, with at LEAST 2 hours (usually more) of that belonging to you PERSONALLY – talking with me, working with me on your OWN issues in the RRRCT sisterhood and class environment – it’s already a good “deal.”

>>When you add in the time you get with my Master Coach Teachers – Helena Hart, Leigha Lake, Valerie O’Ryan, Carrie Stanfield and Dominique – all amazing, hugely successful coaches in their own right, it gets even better. You’ll have access to another 14 hours total with the Master Teachers, 2 hours guaranteed personal, one-to-one working to give you what you need.

>>To get this much time with me and these awesome Master Coach Teachers for personal help with your love and relationship life – you’d be paying many times more than the 7-week Fundamentals package of $2500.

4. You get ALL the Fundamentals materials – which include Rori Raye programs you may not have, videos, audios, written materials and “Cheat Sheets” that you won’t find in any of my programs (or anyone else’s) because they’re specifically for RRRCT.

5. You’ll change your life without directly “trying” to!:

>>As you learn to be “coachlike” in RRRCT – to literally work on your new skills by coaching me and the Master Teachers as we both teach you AND pretend to be YOU and the men in your life – you’ll be able to see all of your “issues” from a completely new perspective. By learning how to help this “other” woman who is YOU – you’ll gain mastery and confidence for YOURSELF.

>>Everything will change – all your relationships: friends, bosses, co-workers, business associates, men you like, men you love, men you want nothing to do with. All your abilities, skills and choices will get better.

6. You’ll be able to work all of this out personally with me – AND – I’ll absolutely work with you exactly how you want and need. We’ll work on your unique situations, we’ll apply all the Rori Raye Tools to it – and you’ll learn how to coach yourself!

>>Though I, the Master Coach Teachers, and your fellow RRRCTers will be coaching you for hours around your personal situations – instead of just throwing “answers and solutions” at you, in a way you can quickly forget, you’ll learn HOW to SOLVE and GET the answers for yourself in a way you’ll remember forever.

In a version of an old fable – RRRCT hands you “fish” – but we also TEACH you to fish!

7. Let me know if you’re considering what Fundamentals can do for you as a personal development, personal relationship coaching package. I’d be happy to talk about and demonstrate how I teach The 6 Coaching Elements – and how it will impact and change you – effortlessly.

8. And if you ARE dreaming of becoming a successful professional coach like so many RRRCT graduates and Certified Coaches, I know RRRCT may seem daunting if you’re not sure how you see yourself in the next few years…

…and even though dreams are just dreams until you put steps to them, I know that sometimes the “steps” can feel outsized and out of reach…

So just let me know by replying to this letter if you’d like to talk with me personally to see what we can do together…or schedule a personal phone or Skype chat with me to see if RRRCT can be the right relationship “fix-it” program for you, here–>>

Love, Rori






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