Coach Michelle Manley For RRRCT

Manley_030Here’s what coach Michelle Manley says about Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training:

“RRRCT and Rori have changed my life!

It all started for me with Rori’s newsletters and programmes and watching my relationship with men get better and better.

I had a dream to be an entrepreneur for many years and had been searching for the ‘right’ business for me.

And that’s when I heard about RRRCT and I am now here, in my own dream, being an entrepreneurial Relationship Coach.

It’s happened faster and easier and with lots more fun than I believe it could have done.
The training contains all the tools, the skills, the knowledge and the support you need to be a wonderful relationship coach and, just as importantly, to start, build and run a successful coaching business.

The programme is inspiring, motivating, enjoyable and life-changing.  I can’t recommend it enough. ”

Michelle Manley 

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