Rori Raye Business Siren's Handbook Live Coaching!

 Quickly learn to "do work" like a girl...and still have the love, romance and relationship you want...

Live Coaching Gets You Where You Want to Go - Fast

Live coaching is all personal. In the Rori Raye system, it's not just about "advice" - it's about true transformation, change, shift - and results.

What you get in a Rori Raye live coaching program is RESULTS - and you get them fast.

There's a structure to the classes, there are tremendous lesson plans, materials, weekly Worksheets to post on the private Facebook group so your coaches can work with you personally both live in class, and in writing on the Facebook group.

In The Business Siren's Handbook Live Coaching Class, you get a doubly powerful program: You'll not only learn how to "work" like a girl -you'll learn to "transfer" that directly, in every moment, to the men around you and the love partnership you crave.

They are not different - work and love! They are the SAME!!!

You are ONE person with MANY aspects and being a Business Siren is about learning to use them ALL!

To expand when challenged - not contract and shut down.

To open up when triggered, and not close your heart and your organically creative mind.

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Business Siren has "Protocols" and "Anchors" for you to learn, and to learn how to USE - in every moment of every day in the most fun and satisfying way imaginable.

This is not a "Mastermind" - where the students basically coach each other...this is a CLASS, where you'll be coached by Rori Raye trained coaches who've been in the corporate world, been entrepreneurs, and have love relationships right alongside - each enhancing the other.

I will teach one class per month, along with your coach, and I'll also be there for you on the Facebook group, answering your questions consistently throughout each week.

The Business Siren's Handbook class is part of the Rori Raye Live Coaching School, and so it comes at the incredibly low price of $250 per month, with no strings or commitments.

Rori Raye Love School Live Coaching is a monthly subscription you can either end at any time, or bounce from class to class each month.

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As you learn how to use the Business Siren Protocols for every piece of your life...

...and begin mapping out and practicing your unique, personal creative Siren process with me at your back - amazing things begin to happen.

The Primary Business Siren Protocol of always "coming from your feminine" will begin to pull everything together for you - NOW - without any "trying."

Your love life, your work life, your fun, adventure, happy, peaceful life... these are NOT separate!

They're all part of the creative, fabulous, emotional, feminine being that you already are!

In The Business Siren's Handbook class, you'll get personal, one-to-one teaching and coaching so you'll never have to "choose" between work and love - and you'll never have to "settle."

  • Where you'd like help for your work and business, you'll get my skills, ideas and assignments to spark your creativity and productivity in completely new ways.


  • You'll learn how to deal with bosses, co-workers, sales reps, marketers, customers and clients - everyone you interact with in a workday - in a completely new way. A way that makes you feel good, because it not only lifts everyone else up, but because everyone around you will begin to STEP UP - and see YOU in a new way.


  • Where you'd like help for love and relationship, you'll get personal, one-to-one Modern Siren coaching from drawing in the life-partner you want, to creating a life partnership that's thrilling, harmonious, every-day and awesomely

You'll get a new Rori Raye Tool every week that will finally allow you to access the power of your feminine, organic self at "work."

You'll be able to "get stuff done" without falling into your masculine energy and shutting out the emotional experience of everyone around you.

You'll feel your intuition and instincts kicking in, and be amazed to discover how a man can love you more quickly, and more deeply - without you ever giving up a drop of your independence and smarts.

If you've been stuck too long in the masculine world of masculine systems - The Business Siren Protocols will unlock mysteries you already knew in your bones.

In the Handbook, you'll find your answers to everything...