The Business Siren Live Weekend - February 5th, 6th and 7th!

rori and zeke live weekend

We'll be together for 18 hours: from 7pm to 10pm on Friday, February 5th, from 9:30am to 6pm on Saturday the 6th, and from 9:30am to 5pm on Sunday the 7th...

It'll be absolutely non-stop, personal, one-to-one work custom-designed for you.

How do we do this?

Because they'll only be 10 women in the room, we'll be able to focus on and work at turning exactly where you're at in your life and business to where you want to be.

You and I'll know exactly what you need because we will have already talked personally by phone or Skype and mapped it all out beforehand!

Being a Business Siren is about emotion.

About creating an environment for yourself where you WANT to set things in motion and see things through.

Where you FEEL emotional about what you want, what you want to offer the world, how you want to express your wanting and your offering.

You, as a Business Siren, become able to put these emotions, this high passion into words - into speeches, interviews, webpages, articles...

Optimized-0608263003(1)These words that express your emotions don't just "say stuff," or "tell stuff," but make YOU -and everyone else who hears or reads them - feel good in the saying and telling.

We're all inundated by technology and "internet marketing" and the constant newness and intensity of everything we see out on the web and TV.

We're hit regularly by the "selling" all around us, and, as women, we shy away from it.

We don't want to be lumped into the highly masculinized realm of "offering" as "selling." As "Pushing."

In The Business Siren Live Weekend - we'll be "including" technology, software, Client and Customer "Funnel" Systems and Structure into your emotional world - so that your natural warmth, care, good will and sensitivity come through to anyone who crosses your path.

It's a very new way to get stuff done - without the traditional masculine "doing."

At the Live Weekend, in my home, I'll show you how I "get stuff done," how you truly can wake up every morning and go to bed every night loving how your stuff gets done no matter what.

You'll learn and experience how the "doing" is never the important thing...

How your feminine "girl" instincts, emotion, impulses, organic urges can BECOME your "masculine" action.

This is how you'll be getting an incredible amount of "stuff" done in the 18 hours we'll be together.

And how you'll be able to take home with you this Business Siren "state of being."

To set a personal phone or Skype appointment with me to see if the Business Siren Live Weekend is a good match for what you want and need - let me know here-->>

An Interview With Relationship Coach Kristina Lane Filmed At the Business Siren Live Weekend 2014 (this video had 582 views as of this moment...)

The Details:

We'll start on Friday evening with my Evolutionary To-Do-List.

From here, we'll get to know each other over snacks, and set the plan for the weekend "stations."

If you've ever worked with me in a group setting, or know someone who has, you already know that I'm able to zero in on your unique situation and get you moving quickly through the steps that'll help you, and glide effortlessly through the blocks that have been holding you.

The two elements I'll be helping you through are these:

1."The Client/Customer Funnel."

Business is essentially ALWAYS about "The Client/Customer Funnel."

The Funnel generates different things for you at different times, and they all lead to money and fulfillment.IMG_0321narrow

The Funnel:

  • Gets people interested in you and what you have to offer (just the same as Circular Dating!)
  • Gets subscribers to your email lists.
  • Gets visitors and subscribers to become Customers and Clients.

The Funnel operates differently from project and goal to the next project and goal. From your fundamental, classic website Client Funnel, to complex Funnels with specialized "Landing Pages," videos, offers, opt-in boxes, free giveaways, can feel like a never-ending project just meant to deliberately overwhelm you.

And it doesn't have to be that way. The second element we'll focus on is:

2. The Business Siren Protocols

Being in your "girl" energy as a Business Siren keeps you in a completely different space, where you make decisions constantly, quickly, and without stress.

Where money becomes an extension of love, not a source of anxiety.

rori green 3If what you need over the Weekend is your basic Client/Customer Funnel:

Website pages; pictures; blog, article and newsletter writing; automated email and payment systems; plug-ins and apps to make everything you do easier; videos; an awesome presentation for interviews and webinars that expresses YOU; a workshop format; a program you can sell in your sleep - and

A Master Plan for your entire next year in business - then you'll have me right next to you helping you create that during our 18 hours together. Literally. You'll be on your laptop, putting these pieces together as I stand next to you.

If what you need is advanced work - including technology, how and who to hire to help you, how to build out your complex subscriber, webinar and enrollment Funnels, how to grow your email list in so many ways, how to ATTRACT more Customers and Clients (even though you may have all the pieces "right" - they may not be working in the compelling way you want) - then that's what you and I will work on together.

At any given moment - you'll be in a small "breakout" group working on one thing. And once you've got that completed - you'll move onto your next stage.

  • Yes, there are a lot of women entrepreneurs out there.
  • Yes, there are a lot of business programs, coaches, different ways to build traffic to your site, to get email lists, to get clients and customers.
  • ALL of them are GOOD - some are GREAT!

And you and I will be taking everything that can work for you from ALL of these programs - including the "software tech" - and working together personally to implement what you need to get to YOUR next step.

The biggest trick you'll learn over the weekend will be how to stay, always, with the Business Siren Protocols. The Protocols will allow you to stay in unstressed "girl" energy no matter what.

We'll be practicing "girl" every minute, and you'll go home with a whole new way of living with your new "Evolutionary-To-Do-List."

rori and zeke 489 cropped 600To help us, Zeke, my enchanted and enchanting dog, will be a constant part of the experience - he'll provide the "boy" energy and add to the love. Also, Boston, our sweet, male cat, will likely want to sit on your lap to remind you that you're a girl.

If you’re highly allergic to cats, we’ll put Boston in a back bedroom – and he’s pretty hypoallergenic (a black Abyssinian mix with short hair) and be assured I’ll be Ferminating him and wiping him down before you get here.

Zeke is totally hypoallergenic and you’ll WANT to bury your face in him!

For Me, There Are Only Two Ways To Get Stuff Done:

  1. Get it done yourself.
  2. Hire someone to do it for you (and sometimes, "hire" just means to ask for "free help").

What we're about as Business Sirens is cultivating a deep inner "get" of when to do it yourself and when to hire - and all of that happens instinctively once you KNOW what you're doing!

0608262920-copyI've spent days doing something I could have hired someone else to do - AND, the truth is - I didn't know what it was that needed doing!

So much of what I - and YOU - do is about writing. And, until you find someone you trust to write for you, in your voice (which may be never) - I find it crucial to allow my inner self to "roll" until I "feel" the "plan" take shape. And THEN I farm it out!

We'll be working on everything - so bring it ALL! Bring your laptop and battery pack. Bring your ipad and smartphone. We're going to get into some apps, we're going to not bother with stuff, we're going to streamline your client funnel and jump you to the next level.

There are two ways to purchase the Live Weekend:

  1. A full payment of $1200
  2. A 3-pay plan at $777 in 3 monthly payments

The way to get one of only 3 spaces left at the Business Siren Live Weekend, and to join me in my home and private "Siren" way of working is to talk with me personally!

I want to make sure we're a good "fit" for 18 intense hours working together - and know in my gut that I can give you what you need and get you where you want to go in those 18 hours.

Can't wait to see you, meet you, hug you, and work with you!

Love, Rori