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What Is It You Really Want?

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The Bubble Chart Template


The "Evolving To-Do" List Instructions

The "Evolving To-Do List" Instructions


BS Want sheet download video 1Hi, This is Rori, and here's another "Have It All" Tool -


Imagine what it would FEEL like to HAVE everything you say and think and dream that you WANT.

1. Start with a LIST: Write down a whole bunch of WANTS.

2. NOW: Choose ONE WANT to work with (later you can run through the whole list) So it looks like this:

Click here to download the What Is It You Really Want Worksheet-->>

I really WANT to have________(fill in the blank...)

3. NOW - Write the answers to this question:

What would it FEEL like if I HAD what I want? Every single Want on my list?

Take each WANT and write a flowing stream of consciousness about what it would feel like to HAVE that want.

Write how your toes feel, how your shoulders feel, how your heart feels, how your head feels.

It might look like this:

"I want ____________"


"Imagining that I HAVE _______(and really get into imagining it, full out - that you HAVE what you wrote you want):

I'm feeling afraid I'll never have what I want...I feel sick to my stomach...I feel tied up in knots in my stomach...I feel shoulders feel all hunched and tight...I feel my heart turning over...I feel angry because I feel this way...I feel feet aren't feeling the floor...I feel thrilled that maybe there's an answer for me...rats, I feel so pissed that I'm having such a hard time with arms feel like steel rods, all stiff...I just want to go crawl in a corner...I don't feel like I want to feel...I feel a drum...

When you label things that come up with an "emotion" like fear or worry or anxiety - that's okay, AND I really want you to focus on SENSATION.

That could be "tense," "prickly," "soft," - any number of ways you can express what it feels like.

4. When you turn up with a sensation that instantly throws you into fear and doubt and mental problem solving:

Just do it all again, and again, and again... Say your feeling, sensation, thought...and turn it around - "Flip"  it! -  into a Want.

So the above:  "I feel sick to my stomach..."

Flips to: "I want to feel perky and upbeat and hungry..."

Then whatever feelings and sensations THAT brings up:

"I feel sick that I don't feel perky..."

and on and on...

5. Next step: Fall In Love with those feelings and sensations - even (especially) the ones you don't like. Write it out something like this:

I love my fear, because it wants to protect me, because that's how I was raised, and I love my self as a child, even though things were crummy, I got so strong from going through those things, and I love myself so much because I'm so brave to have got this far...

...and I'm so smart for understanding what's going on with me, and I'm so incredible for WANTING anything, and...

Just "throw" love and acceptance, like soothing water, all over that feeling, sensation or thought, accept and love it all, focus on the good feeling part of whatever came up...

... on and on, just like this - accepting, loving, embracing, jumping to the next loving thought and feeling...and...

Keep on going....!

What we're doing here is basically retraining your mind and body.

You'll be reversing old ideas and patterns, and building new ones that are more thoughtful, gentle, less knee-jerk reactive and feel better. You'll automatically start feeling more confident.

The trick is to be able to "go into action" with your masculine energy without mulling ideas over so long that their spark fades inside you.

And you're able to DO this, because your inner "girl" energy is automatically, through this "WANT" practice, beginning to "trust" your instincts to ACT!

This is in many ways very similar to what an actor does. She learns her lines, where the lights and camera are, where she's supposed to stand - all masculine energy requirements - and then creates the space where her inner girl feels safe enough to feel, to organically, instinctively allow herself to allow her "boy" to DO on her behalf. She puts herself in the hands of her masculine energy...and let's loose.

The idea is for it to be FUN, free-form, and for you to be as AWARE as possible at how you work. How certain thoughts pop up first, how they lead your thought process, then others follow, how a pattern emerges...

As you become aware of yourself, and keep focusing on the PRESENT with the noticing and writing of Sensations  - you'll see - you'll start to feel more powerful.

If you're wondering what this Tool has to do with "business" and "success" - the answer is EVERYTHING.

Before we can commit, totally to supporting ourselves, getting ourselves out there, growing bigger than we are right now - we have to be "okay." with it. We have to get ourselves "onboard" with success, and what that FEELS like.

In our dreams - things look a certain way. In real life - they look differently.

This happens with us in love and relationship just as it does in the world of work and career.

As you begin getting "insider" Have It All and Business Siren Tips - I want to make sure you have a Tool to help you WANT to DO the things I suggest.

All the strategy in the world can only take us so far.

As far as we'll let ourselves get.

The Trick to Having It All is creating a big enough space to hold it all.

This is the beginning place - knowing and loving everything that's been holding us BACK until now.

Love, Rori

Click here to download the What Is It You Really Want Worksheet-->>