The Business Siren Way...

Learn "81 Ways To Grow Your Email List"

What's the difference between this list and anybody else's list? Well for one thing, it's got on it everything I've ever seen out there yes 81 actual ways to grow an email list.

To I'm not going to ask you to just blindly, mechanically and masculine energy style pound your way through the list and just start a doing frenzy.

Instead, we're going to use this list for you to start feeling inside yourself which ones turn you on, which ones inspire you, which ones give you a flutter of an idea, Which ones land like a little ball in your stomach, which ones to make you feel deflated, which one is make you feel inflated…

In other words, we're going to use it as a way to discover YOUR unique ways to enhance your brand's reach. The truth is, you only need to find a few ways to market yourself to build your list and your client base.

The thing is they have to be things that you like to do! It doesn't matter how they work for someone else… What works for me may not work for you – and what works for you maybe a complete snooze and energy deflater to me!

And yet, I'm absolutely certain that a good long big handful of these 81 ways will appeal to you on a deeper level than you can imagine!

You don't have to be like everyone else! Just because someone says this is a good way to make money doesn't mean it's the way YOU want to work!

The trick to staying in business for the long-haul, the trick for building your inspiration and enthusiasm for what you're doing, the trick to feeling strong in the face of setbacks and fall starts that are just part of this entire experience for everyone – is to allow your inspiration and feminine energy to take you into action in a seamless, effortless, graceful, and fun – business siren way.

The entire business siren philosophy – and all the protocols – especially the Primary Protocol – is to organically discover what turns you on around anything business related.

That means what it is you have to say, what it is you want to participate in, what do you want to express, how do you want to express it, how do you want to make yourself available, what way do you best like to express yourself – audio video, written word?

This applies to all products and programs you create, all photographs and marketing pieces you create, who you hire or don't hire, what you do yourself and what you delegate, how you spend your time, when you spend your time, and what you spend your time on!

Sometimes, a business siren just dreams.

Often, for us women, the dreaming can become something concrete way faster than trying to pound it out methodically no matter how you're feeling like men do.